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FIMBY is a story about homemaking, mothering, and homeschooling in the context of nature inspired, adventurous, and creative family living. It's about the Fun In My Back Yard.

Renee started FIMBY five or six years ago as a very personal family space. With honest and thoughtful writing, beautiful and inspiring photography, Renee has grown her blog as a space to launch her coaching and freelance writing, while still staying true to her passion for joy-filled family living. One of Renee's favorite aspects of blogging has been meeting people from all over the world while sharing her heart and encouraging individuals to live their own healthy, adventurous and creative life with beauty and intention.

What started as a personal blog has grown into so much more. Even so, FIMBY remains as personal, down-to-earth, and fun as ever, and Renee wouldn't have it any other way.