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I LOVE EVERY WORD OF IT. She acknowledges the fact that all of us, on some level, have the need to be creative, but some of us think we aren't gifted, talented, or, well, creative enough to actually DO something about it. And almost ALL of us think we are too busy to create.
Renee is big on encouraging us to start small, turn loose of perfection, and explore the possibilities in everyday creations. And there is so much freedom in this book (you know I dig it!) that you feel empowered rather than shamed into embracing your creative self.

~ Megan Tietz, blogger at Sorta Crunchy,
co-author of Spirit-Led Parenting

I love how Renee encourages us moms to adapt our creative living to whatever season of life and motherhood we are in. Reading Nurturing Creativity really expanded my definition of what creativity looks like and encompasses.

~ Nicole Bennet, blogger at Simple Homemade

Renee shares how we need to make time for what is important. If finding a creative outlet is important to you, then you have to make time for it. But she is also realistic about how this looks different in different seasons of life.
I was inspired and encouraged again this week after reading this ebook. But I was also given ideas not only from Renee’s experience, but also the experience of six other moms that she shares in the ebook. We can make time for it. Even if it is just baby projects.
This short little guide can be read in one sitting, but I know it will inspire you to nurture creativity.

~ Johanna Hanson, blogger at My Home Tableau

Navigating motherhood and creativity is something that I’m always trying to do, and today I’m excited to share Renee Tougas' e-book, Nurturing Creativity: A Guide For Busy Moms, that will prompt, and motivate, and inspire you to make the most of your busy moments with little ones.

~ Christina Rosalie, blogger at Christina Rosalie,
author of A Field Guide to Now

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