Praise for Renee's Coaching

Homeschooling from the heart

"Comprehensive and practical."

The information was really comprehensive and practical. One thing I can get tired of after a while is the philosophical side of homeschooling. I understand the concepts, but what those of us who are rather new to this need is practical application, which is exactly what was provided. It went a long way to allaying the fears I try NOT to bring to our learning efforts—so thank you!

~ Melissa D.

"Excited to start our school year with a refreshed spirit."

It was exactly what I needed to hear in this stage of our homeschooling journey and I’m excited to start our school year with a refreshed spirit. If you decide to extend the conference into the next age group, I’ll be the first in line to attend .

~ Melissa S.

"Hearing your passion and so truly uplifting."

I wanted to take a moment to share from the bottom of my heart my thanks for your taking the time to put this together... hearing your passion and enthusiasm with several years of this under your belt is so truly uplifting.

~ Ashley

Learning in love

"I felt encouraged and validated in choices we have."

I appreciated it on many levels. Mainly I felt encouraged and validated in choices we have made for our family. It's easy to think something is the right path, but when you don't have the perspective of experience it is easy to second guess yourself.

~ Johanna

"You helped me relax... while giving me practical solutions."

Other preschool programs I’ve tried have left me feeling overwhelmed and my children feeling disinterested. I just didn't have the energy to push them to do it anymore. You helped me relax and overcome my guilt and feelings of failure while giving me practical solutions to teaching them at their age, and while I’m trying to run my house.

~ Taryn

homeschool coaching

"She tailors the session to help you find the answers to your particular questions."

Before the coaching session with Renee I had a lot of doubts about our homeschooling journey. Moving from traditional homeschooling to a more relaxed joyful way of life was a daily struggle, but just a few weeks after those 60 minutes of conversation, I am OK with letting go.
The difference Renee makes is that she lives this life everyday. By reading her blog and listening to her words of encouragement I find that it is an attitude that she imparts. An attitude that gives the confidence to live our own lives. Fully. Not necessarily breaking the rules - but making your own flexible ones according to the life God has gifted us and our family. There is no formula. She tailors the session to help you find the answers to your particular questions.
Thank you, Renee. I will always consider you "my coach!"

~ Dorla

"Wisdom via sound advice, support and shared experience."

I have just completed my coaching session with Renee and I am feeling both empowered to make positive changes in our homeschool, as well as validated in other aspects of our approach. She made some key points that really resonated with me in applying other characteristics of how we live our life to our homeschool philosophy.
Our discussion focused on particular concerns I had shared prior to establishing our coaching appointment. She provided specific, common sense strategies for my family from discussion of lesson planning challenges and long term goals to how to approach anxiety as a homeschooling parent, and several topics in between.
Renee was responsive to all of my questions and concerns, recommended resources to bolster a challenging area of our homeschool, and at the end of the session I came away with copious notes and most importantly a renewed feeling of inspiration for and confidence in interest driven learning. I would highly recommend Renee’s homeschool coaching sessions. She offers wisdom via sound advice, support and shared experience.

~ Lisa

"Uncanny ability to inspire.... while also providing very clear guidance on the practical issues."

While wading through an endless sea of websites and books about homeschooling, I was so relieved to find Renee Tougas - her distinctive voice was a beacon in the fog. After devouring each and every FIMBY post on the subject, I knew that I could trust her instinctive, inspired and highly practical approach to homeschooling.
I provided Renee with a brief overview of my homeschooling (and parenting) goals along with a list of questions. From that small amount of information, Renee came to our coaching session prepared with four pages of highly organized notes. I am grateful for her uncanny ability to inspire and lift me out of my doubt (“everything is figure-out-able”) while also providing very clear guidance on the practical issues at hand…curriculum, resources and scheduling.
She is at once the homeschooling big sister I do not have AND a thoroughly well researched and organized professional. I came away from our meeting inspired, excited and armed with a very clear idea of how to proceed with homeschooling my kids. Additionally, Renee was graciously available and responsive to follow up questions. I highly, highly recommend Renee’s coaching services for both current and potential homeschoolers. Thank you Renee!

~ Jill

"Inspiration, contagious excitement, guidance and direction."

Inspiration, contagious excitement, guidance and direction, these are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think about my experience with Renee’s homeschool coaching.
I began our session with more than a little anxiety about how to make what I knew in my heart unfold in real life. I left our time together with a surge of confidence, a reassuring calmness and a long list of ideas for next steps in our home school journey. Renee tailored the session specifically to my needs, sharing experiences and helping me really define what kind of homeschool experience I want to provide. It was definitely the best $50 I’ve spent in a long time!

~ Roxy