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Eat This: Meal Salads & Whole Food Dressings

We hear it everywhere. Eat more vegetables!

It doesn’t matter what food philosophy or dietary guidelines you follow - “traditional/real food”, paleo/low carb, or the government sponsored food guide pyramid - they all advocate eating more vegetables, especially leafy greens.

Even those of us who build our daily meals around plant foods - vegans and vegetarians - often don’t get enough vegetables in our diets, instead reaching for bread and grains to fill us up.

We all know we need to eat more vegetables. Where we get stuck is applying that to our lives.

Eat This: Meal Salads and Whole Food Dressings is here to help.

This short e-book is packed with inspiration, recipes, tips and tricks learned from years of experience in my own kitchen; making meal sized salads for a hungry and growing family.

A meal sized salad? How exactly does some lettuce and tomatoes make a meal?

Here’s the secret: a meal sized salad is more than lettuce and tomatoes. It’s a salad full of leafy greens, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds. It’s a real meal.

This book is priced for you to buy and apply - today. At just $4.99 you can’t afford not to read it and apply some of these ideas in your own life.

Questions you might have about this book

  • Can I preview it? You can view the Table of Contents and Glossary of Ingredients to get a feel for the content and recipes.
  • Can I print the recipes? Yes, you can! The PDF version is perfect for that.
  • How many recipes are there? Nine total with six whole food dressing recipes. 
  • What do you mean "whole food dressings"? These recipes have minimal amounts of refined oils and other refined ingredients. They are not however low fat. They are "whole fat" (read the book).
  • What if I’m not a vegetarian? No worries. Although this book is about eating plant-based (i.e., without meat or cheese) meal sized salads, I don’t try to convince you to become an herbivore. 
  • I’m gluten free, will these recipes be ok for me? Yes.

When you purchase this book you will have access to download three different file types: A printable PDF, a mobi file for your Kindle and an epub file for all other e-readers.



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