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Homeschool Group Coaching Webinar

This webinar has been postponed till further notice.

  • What does homeschooling feel like right now in your home?
  • What is your child's overall attitude to learning?
  • What is your attitude?
  • Does life feel light hearted or heavy?
  • Is your learning routine full of must-do's?

It's that time of the year when many of us can get discouraged with homeschooling. Now that the new-ness has worn off, January's well thought out plans and routines are harder to implement than we thought they'd be.

We're worn out.

Maybe you're asking "where's the joy in this journey?" Your days are starting to feel like a slog and you're losing your enthusiasm. You wonder if you're actually cut out to do this.

If that describes you at all - you need this webinar.

Speaking from over a decade of homeschooling experience with her own ups and downs through the seasons of life and parenting, Renee is going to bring encouragement and insight right when you need it most. Like a breath of fresh air into your homeschool.

This webinar will be built around the needs of the participants. But the following topics will be included:

  • Feeling drained and what to do about it.
  • Moaning, groaning, whining, and complaining.
  • Seasonal living and learning.
  • "Pushing through", "shouldering on" and other potentially counterproductive mindsets.

The principles in this webinar are applicable to all stages of the homeschool journey but are specifically targeted to the needs of children (and their homeschool parents) in the elementary, late elementary years, and junior high years. Roughly kids aged 6 to 14.

Please see Renee's preschool teaching if you are seeking assistance for those years.

Webinar details:

Date: Thursday, February 28th

Time: 8:00pm EST

This group coaching webinar is a online live teaching and Q&A phone call delivered via Skype technology.

Your registration includes:

  • Access to an e-mail group for discussing questions and concerns prior to webinar. Renee will address and answer these questions during the live webinar.
  • A pdf outline of the webinar.
  • An audio recording of the webinar.

As a bonus, Renee is including a previously unpublished mini-ebook of homeschool scheduling tips and tricks.

Registration is limited to 15 participants.

Cost: (just) $25.00

If you are not able to attend the live session or if it sells out before you can register, an audio recording of this webinar will be available for purchase in the month following the live date.

Technical Details:

I use Skype to deliver these webinars. Skype is a free service and it keeps my overhead low which allows me to keep your cost low.

To participate in the live call you are responsible for installing the latest version of Skype on your computer. Participants will get instructions about how to connect but installing Skype is your own responsibility. Don't worry, I'll send an e-mail about how to do that also. (smile).

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